Green Living Journal - Winter 2011

As part of the editorial team of the Green Living Journal, ibyte company expanded its participation in content creation with three articles:

Pucker Huddle Lavender Design and Branding

Pucker Huddle Lavender owner Katie Puddefoot handcrafted a line of botanical note cards, but had no way to reproduce them, so we scanned the originals and created computer-generated backgrounds as well as titles for them. Once the faces were complete, we wrote copy for the backs and set up platform-independent print files.

Pucker Huddle Lavender notecards

Katie is now able to produce her cards as orders are received. 

Individual Label
In addition to note cards, Pucker Huddle Lavender offers a line of lavender-based products including bath oil, bath salts, body powder, body wash, sachets, soaps, eye pillows, lotions, and candles. 

Katie needed a standard label format that could be adapted for all of these items. She had identified lavender planted in a clay pot as her signature graphic and asked us to help create individual label layouts as well as multiple label sheets that she could print herself. 

We helped her bring her branding ideas to life by designing layouts that could be used on sticky labels or on hang tags. 
Label Print Sheet

Pucker Huddle Lavender sells products in a number of regional stores including Dickey Farms in Bingen, Washington and online through Simple Family Living.

Recently, Katie asked us to update her materials to reflect both a personal name change as well as a business name change. The images shown in this post are a small sample of the designs reflecting those changes.

Green Living Journal - Fall 2011

In addition to ad builds and color changes to liven up the publication headers, the Fall issue of the Green Living Journal included our article,  Farm to School - The ABCs of Fresh Food reporting on the movement toward supplying locally grown food to Oregon school children. 

Binocular Boy Ad for the Green Living Journal

We created this "Binocular Boy" ad for the Summer 2011 issue of the Green Living Journal to help draw attention to the fact that the magazine is free because it is advertiser-sponsored.

The near-primary colors were chosen to reflect the energy and enthusiasm of summer and to encourage readers to get involved in thanking the folks who make the free publication possible.

Green Living Journal - Summer 2011

ibyte company  provided ad-building support and pre-press services for the Summer 2011 issue of the Green Living Journal and contributed an article titled, Skin is No Obstacle for BPAThe article explores the widespread use of the industrial chemical, Bisphenol-A in sales receipts. 

Illumination Ad for the Green Living Journal

 The Green Living Journal asked us to create a black and white ad to use in promotions at the Sol West 13th Annual Renewable Energy Fair, we weren't sure how we'd pull it off.

Then we thought, illumination!

Illumination is what the sun provides to the planet and what information provides for the human brain. The design has evoked favorable comments from many Green Living Journal readers.

Blue Heron French Cheese Billboard Design

Blue Heron French Cheese Billboard Design
The challenge here was help promote French cheese, wine and a petting zoo in a single outdoor display for Blue Heron French Cheese Company. The petting zoo has goats. We love goats, and goats love to taste everything. We thought that we might make a goat-centric design work.

Here is the result:

Design for billboard
Installed billboard

Featured in Outdoor Advertising Magazine May/June 2011

Green Living Journal - Spring 2011

The Green Living Journal, Columbia River PDX edition is one of our favorite recurring projects. The advertiser-supported magazine is published quarterly and distributed throughout the Portland-Vancouver Metro area. The cover for this issue features bright spring colors and uniquely Portland images.